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Revitalise your life with Energy Shield Bands

Our popular wristbands are available in a variety of sizes and colours: comfortable, durable and able to be worn at all times, they can be a natural boost for the whole family and customers have reported improvements to:

The energy shield is not merely a stylish fashion accessory; it incorporates negative ion technology. Based on scientific research, negative ions have been shown to offer various benefits to the human body, including enhanced strength, stamina, flexibility, focus, positivity, endurance, and balance. Additionally, they are believed to help mitigate radiation exposure, such as that from mobile phones. These negative ions are naturally present in environments like waterfalls, seashores, rainforests, and volcanic eruptions.Our team of experts has dedicated significant effort to develop exceptional products that harness negative ions to promote a sense of equilibrium, vitality, and improved sleep quality. Each energy shield band contains between 2000 to 2500 negative ions, sourced from volcanic ash and enriched with minerals like germanium and tourmaline. While we have received numerous testimonials from our clients attesting to benefits such as reduced pain, quicker recovery, and stabilized blood pressure, it’s important to note that the energy shield does not make specific claims regarding these effects. Furthermore, we emphasize that our energy band should not be viewed as a substitute for medical treatment. We strongly recommend consulting a medical specialist in the event of any medical emergencies.


the benefits of negative IONS




Crashing ocean waves are another natural source of negative ions. When ocean waves break and crash onto the shore or rocks, the water splashes into the air, creating a fine mist or spray.


Waterfalls are iconic examples of natural negative ion generators. As water flows over cliffs or steep terrain, it undergoes a process known as aerosolization.


Negative ions, or anions, are naturally present in volcanic environments due to various mechanisms associated with volcanic activity. These ions, carrying a negative electric charge...
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