The Dual Nature Of Ions- Negative v/s Positive Ions

The Basics Of Ions- Negative v/s Positive Ions

Don’t judge them by their names, negative ions are beneficial, while positive ions are harmful. Negative ions are electrically charged molecules found abundantly in places like waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and volcanoes. On the other hand, positive ions are molecules that have lost one or more electrons and are commonly found in radiation emitted by technology such as phones, laptops, computers, television & more.Inside our bodies, the balance of positive and negative ions is crucial for our well-being. Negative ions safeguard our minds, senses, and hormones, resulting in an active lifestyle. On the flip side, imbalance caused by excess positive ions can lead to symptoms like gloominess, anxiety, and difficulty focusing

Power Of Negative Ions In Your Wrist

Ever wondered why walking barefoot on the beach feels refreshing? It’s not just the sand, it’s a sense of calmness from within. This isn’t about ocean air or sea air, waves or nature. There are tiny particles charged with electricity present in the air called negative ions.When nature and science meet, wonders happen! Negative ions bring many health benefits to your mind and body. They’re designed to tackle modern life’s challenges like stress, overthinking, distraction, and mood swings. With 1000 to 1500 negative ions infused, it’s the ultimate wellness wearable that keeps you active, healthy, and fit.

Natural Radiation Protection- The Power of Negative Ion

Our world is always changing and upgrading, all thanks to technology. It has made our lives easier, but it also comes with the cost of radiation. Non-ionizing radiation includes visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light, microwaves, radio waves, and radiofrequency energy from cell phones. More exposure to these radiations can cause problems like trouble focusing, irregular sleep, and feeling down. With our Energy Shield Negative Ion Band, restore balance and tranquility to your body and mind, enhancing positivity, strength, and adaptability. Experience peace and serenity amidst the chaos of daily life.




Lenard's theory also clarifies that when rushing water crashes against rocks or shores, it splashes into the air, releasing negatively charged electrons. This is why surfers often feel a therapeutic effect, and ocean therapy is recommended as a healer for everyone.


According to the Lenard effect theory, “the waterfall effect,” negative ions are released whenever water collides with itself, the same as in a waterfall or as it often does in the ocean. The negative ions, these invisible little powerhouses, are tossed in the air as the water collides with itself. Breathing them in benefits both your mind and body, making you feel refreshed and revived.


Lightning, volcanic eruptions, and various natural events release large amounts of negatively charged ions. Supported by scientific research, phenomena such as pyroclastic flows, ash clouds, particle friction, volcanic lightning, gas emissions, and geothermal activity contribute to the abundance of negative ions in the environment.

Details On Minerals

Heading- The Wonders Of Negative Wellness Band!

Germanium possesses negative-charge ions, which contribute to blood purification and balance thepositive and negative ions within the body. This also results in muscle-relieving effects, reducing fatigue and tiredness.
Tourmaline is a healer! Grounded with earthy powers, it encourages compassion, transformation, and enlightenment from within. It helps regulate heartbeats, keeping your heart health in check. It’s one of the wondrous natural elements that brings wonders to the body.
Volcanic ash, a natural ingredient rich in minerals, possesses antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. It acts as a skin purifier and exfoliant, combating acne-causing bacteria to clear breakouts and soothe inflamed skin.


the benefits of negative IONS


Energy Shield- Negative Ion Energy Bands

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Negative ions, or anions, are naturally present in volcanic environments due to various mechanisms associated with volcanic activity. These ions, carrying a negative electric charge, are generated through processes like pyroclastic flows, ash clouds, friction and collision of ejected particles, lightning and thunderstorms during eruptions, gas emissions, and geothermal activity. These mechanisms lead to the production of negative ions as particles interact and create electrical discharges. While the presence of negative ions in volcanic areas is a fascinating aspect of these environments.

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Exposure to negative ions increases serotonin levels, a mood-regulating neurotransmitter in your brain, promoting an active lifestyle, boosting strength and power, and aiding effective pain management. This leads to faster recovery and action.

Mindful, Motivation & Flexibility

Negative ions help widen coronary arteries, improving blood flow to the heart and overall cardiovascular health by regulating heart rate. Living stress-free is key to a long and thriving life.

Guard Your Heart And Life Will Guard You!

Let's restart your wake-sleep cycle with negative ions! They support mental well-being by easing overthinking and triggering relaxation responses, leading to a peaceful sleep.

Sleep Better, Wake Up Productive!

In mid-life, after menopause, women undergo hot flashes, poor sleep, depressed mood, and other symptoms where negative ions are reported as a cure-all remedy.

Pause Menopause Worries Like Magic!

Customer reviews

"I could not be happier with the results i got this band.. it exceeded my expectations 🤩 I had been having sleepless nights due to work stress but after i got this energy shield Im experiencing very sound and peaceful sleep. I'm less stressed than before. I would highly recommend other to try out.. You have nothing to lose! So don't wait ..order it right awayon, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.


"I am very much satisfied with the Energy Shield Band, I had my operation of left knee for ligaments and miniscus... After operation my thighs and my joints were soo weak... And in gym i was not able to do leg exercise and other exercise due to my weakness in legs.. After wearing this belt.... Somehow i can say that my stamina has been increased and it rly gives positive strength... Its alwz in my wrist... Its so comfortable to wear also.... So i am much satisfied with the results of Energy shield belt... I bought Red previously and just ordered black for family member... Thnks."

Anshul Saxena

"I am using Energy Shield band since more than 1 month. I am a consistent runner and I am running daily since more than 1800 plus days without missing a single day. For a runner most important thing is peaceful sleep and high endurance. I can feel and see lots of positive changes in my body and lifestyle after wearing this band. Now I am able to use my Energy fully as this band is helping me in dispelling unwanted radiation from my body."

Krishna Gopal Malu

"Energy shield is an amazing product , I hv being using this product for years nd its has done wonders for me, I highly recommend everyone to wear it nd see the difference."

Satwat Hussain

"My strength has seen a noticeable improvement since wearing Energy Shield's negative ion bands. Highly recommended.Thank you Energy Shield."

Shakti Mori

"Great product. Helps with stamina, strength, and rest (sleep) as well."


"Loved this quality , was waiting for the launch n it was totally worth it + delivery was way to fast then expected, feeling good as compared to before , it's working it's the same as the pic n work the same way as mentioned."

Brijesh Parekh

"This is a product that is definitely worth buying. The things I felt changing after wearing this band is positivity, energetic, and freshness in my body. And even my diabetes and blood pressure are in control."


"I been using energy shield band from couple of month and it has been very beneficial to my day to day activity in terms of all day activeness, good quality of sleep and helped me with much relief in my body pain. I highly recommend this to everyone"


"When I first told my wife she didn't believe something magical exists. But then I told her to just give it a try at once and she said "Arun this band has something very positive. I can see changes in myself". We both feel change in our daily routine. Our stamina is always high. We are very good at gym. We are more energetic in the morning. And our day ends with same energy level. Thanks to Energy Sheild and team for this wonderful change."

Arun Mehta
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